Facilitating the Spiritual Wisdom and Spiritual Gifts of Children. Eden\’s prayer says : God is a friend of silence, how the sun, moon, stars and earth, how they move in silence.

Training: Working with the Spiritual Wisdom of Children and Youth

For Adults/Youth


Through doing this training, I received a clearer vision of my steps of my work.

–         Carolyn S., Teacher

Do you feel called to work with children and youth to help them to develop and apply their spiritual wisdom including psychic and intuitive abilities and are not yet doing it?

Are you working with children (someimes called indigo children, crystal children or rainbow children) but would like to go deeper?

Are you an educator, a parent, health professional or counselor who would like to know how to better support the children or youth in applying their spiritual wisdom including psychic, intuitive and healing abilities? This workshop will help you to:

  • Align more fully with Spirit
  • Answer your questions regarding working with the (indigo) children and youth of peace
  • Prepare yourself to support them
  • Achieve clarity on your vision of your work with them and how it relates to others
  • Identify your own practical next steps for carrying out your vision
  • Connect with others working with the children and youth (sometimes called indigo children, crystal children or rainbow children)
  • Put your vision into action

Ellen helped me  to “see” my own capacity to find answers through communing with nature, listening for the knowledge and stopping and hearing it.   This will serve me in going deeper in the work I do with the children.

–         Ali E., School Psychologist



Discover Your Psychic and Intuitive Abilities 1 and 2-

For Adults, Children and Youth –


“Reading without my eyes and sending messages to and receiving messages from my Dad made me feel fun!” – Seghara, 7 years old

Everybody has psychic and intuitive abilities, not just children!  This workshop is very popular with families – grandparents, parents, children.  As well as learning more about the spiritual gifts of children and how to work with them, you will explore your psychic and intuitive gifts.   Learn how these abilities are connected to the development of your spirituality. We will also share our experiences of intuition, seeing or hearing God, angels, fairies, auras and healing.  This experiential workshop will help you to:

  • align more fully with Spirit
  • learn about psychic and intuitive gifts such as vision, prophesy, clairvoyance
  • learn about your own psychic and intuitive gifts
  • learn simple experiential exercises you can use and simple assessment questions you can ask in your counseling, medical or coaching practice with children and youth
  • deepen your bond with your children or grandchildren and vice-versa
  • connect with others who are exploring their psychic and intuitive gifts

All generations are welcome.  Children, 6 –15 yr. are to be accompanied by their parents or adult mentors.

“I was amazed at how skillfully Ellen guided Seghara and I on our respective journeys. Seghara demonstrated  a great sense observation, intuition and psychic abilities. I had trouble believing it. When I discovered that I had some psychic abilities then I could acknowledge those abilities in my daughter. This was a great workshop.  It helped to create a stronger bond between my daughter and me. I really recommend that parents and children join this workshop. ” – Lionel

Discover Your Psychic and Intuitive Abilities 2 – Pre-requisite is that you have taken Discover Your Psychic and Intuitive Abilities 1 – You will deepen your knowledge, self-awareness, experience and connections through deeper dialogue and experiential exercises.

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