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Whether your meeting/conference participants are educators, health professionals, parents or child or youth workers will be motivated to greater levels of their own inspired leadership in working with children and youth after hearing Ellen.   Ellen  has the ability to connect into your audience and address the issues that are questions in their minds and hearts so that they can better do their work.  She also has the ability to help them to ask deeper questions and to create a community of support at your event where they can find the answers! 

Ellen is a recognized expert and pioneer on a largely unaddressed issue –  the spiritual wisdom of children and youth including psychic, intuitive and healing abilities.   It is a missing link in understanding the development and behaviour of children at home, in schools,,  and in our communities.  When children’s spiritual wisdom and  gifts  including psychic, intuitive and healing abilities are not recognized, honoured or supported in our society and culture – their souls become deadened and often results in challenges with both attitude and behaviour towards others.   When children’s spiritual gifts are recognized and supported they come alive, are passionate, motivated, have high self-esteem and self-confidence. 

Ellen’ s keynote will bring laughter, tears, insight and revelation to your audience  whether they are parents, teachers, educators, health professional or child or youth workers.   From the innovative, ground-breaking work she has pioneered with the spiritual wisdom of children and youth, she shares knowledge that is important for anyone who supports children and youth must have in this day and age!

For more information about Ellen Hayakawa’s keynote speaking: Call 604-947-0622  (Canada – country code 011) if dialing internationally or e:mail

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