Horse Boy is  an inspiring book  by Rupert Isaacson whose son, Rowan was diagnosed in 2004  – as  a boy living with autism.  At 6 years old, Rowan is hyperactive,  anxious, has heart-wrenching tantrums, is incontinent and seems trapped in his own world without friends.    Rowan has a special interest and connection with animals of all kinds.  In particular, he has a special touch and communication with horses.  Rowan’s middle name is” Besa”, after a Bushman healer that Rupert had become close to in Africa.   Horse Boy details the poignant adventure of Rowan and his parents on horseback  to visit shaman healers  in the wilds of Mongolia. Little do his parents Rupert and Kristen realize that they are making this journey not only for the healing of their son but also for their own healing.   By the end of their time in Mongolia, Rowan no longer has tantrums, communicates, reaches out to his parents and to make friends and willingly goes on the toilet.   Moreover the shaman in Mongolia tells Rupert and Kristin that Rowan is a shaman and that he was like Rowan when he was young.  

This is an inspiring story of compassion, trust in inner guidance and  is a tribute to a  father and mother’s dedication to finding alternative, innovative solutions for their son’s healing.  I hope the book inspires other and all parents to be aware of the possibilities of healing for their children and for themselves.

Autism and the God Connection:  Redefining the Autistic Experience Through Extraordinary Accounts of Spiritual Giftedness by William Stillman

I met Bill Stillman at a conference where we were both speakers.  Bill gave a truly enlightening session – sharing his own experience of Asperger’s as well as his work with those children and families experiencing autism.   In this beautiful book, he “redefines the autistic experience through extraordinary accounts of spiritual giftedness.”  I was thankful for the opportunity to meet Bill and am grateful he is bringing his own perspective and experiences to deepen our understanding of how the brain functions and the multidimensional ways in which we experience life. Interestingly enough there is also a connection to the story of Horse Boy.  Bill dreams of a white horse.  His friend read from a book saying, “Horse enables shamans to fly through the air and reach Heaven…Before Horse, humans were earth-bound and slow (Bill adds that the same disparaging description has been applied to persons with autism).  Once humans climbed on Horse’s back, they were as free and fleet as the wind.” 

May  we see all beings with the eyes of understanding and compassion and may all humans be free and fleet as the wind!

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