Health on a Daily Basis – Nourishing the Brain and Body for Optimal Health, Mental Focus and Concentration etc.


Would you like to have:

  • More energy?
  • Better mental concentration and focus?
  • Perception of less stress?
  • Joint and muscle comfort?

 A well -nourished energized brain and body will help each and every person fulfill their full human and divine potential.  With the poor quality of soil that food is grown in and lifestyle factors it is sometimes a challenge to receive the nutrients for a healthy functioning body.   The company, Univera makes  Outstanding Plant-based Nutritional Supplements with love, care and Scientific Research from field to production that Support:  

  • Better Energy Levels,
  • Better Mental Concentration and Focus
  • Reduced Stress Perception     
  • Joint and muscle comfort

I take the Univera products on a daily basis because I believe in the wisdom and healing power of herbs and plants in our bodies and for disease prevention.   These products give me all of the above and more. 

I also wanted to give parents and health professionals to give options for nourishing our childrens’ brains and bodies.  Univera did a study with school children in the Mississippi area of giving them – 2 bottles of the product called Essentials in the morning and in the afternoon.  In the year long study absenteeism rate decreased by 90% and the grade point average went up by one whole point.  This meant that the children were much more present, had better mental concentration and focus.   How wonderful and how simple it is.  Even though we may think we are receiving proper nourishment, the reality is that with the quality of soils being poor, the nutrients in the fruits and vegetables we eat are not up to par. 

 I invite you to look and experience for yourself what the the Univera products are doing  and consider how their products might benefit your health and the health of your children, family  and friends at  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.     

Ellen's happy and healthy Univera team at a presentation in Montreal

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