• Is your child highly sensitive? 
  • Does your child have highly developed senses?
  • Does your child have trouble fitting into the school system or complain that school is boring?
  • Does your child in some ways seem to be an adult in a child’s body or an “old soul”?
  • Has your child been diagnosed with a “learning disability”?
  • Does your child talk about his or her dreams, seeing colours around people, angels and other things that seem wildly   imaginative?
  • Do you wonder how to best support your child?

     Ellen has coached children, youth and their parents for the last decade to develop and apply their spiritual wisdom including psychic, intuitive and healing abilities to their daily lives.  She opens and holds the safe space for a child or youth to explore all aspects of his or her multi-dimensional ways of knowing including psychic, intuitive and healing gifts These are not presently not spoken about or acknowledged in our school or health systems – and yet are such a normal part of every person’s existence. 

    “In school, they told me that I have ADD(attention deficit disorder).   I do not read as well as others.  However I learned that I have my own special gifts. I can read books without my eyes!”-Chris, age 9 

    Unique  and Supportive Tools and Processes

    Through  the exploration and development of her own psychic, intuitive and healing gifts as well as through her support of others,  Ellen Hayakawa has developed unique tools and processes  for  children, youth and families to bring forth their spiritual wisdom including psychic, intuitive and healing abilities.  

    Honouring Each Child’s Gifts and the Depths of His or Her Soul

    When parents, educators or health professionals know that they have or are working with a  child who  is “different”, “very creative”, ”gifted”,  ”sees angels or people who have passed over” and at times is struggling with life and living, they come to Ellen for tools of compassionate support and understanding.     

     Ellen sees  and acknowledges the depth of each child or youth’s soul and and helps each child/youth to honour their own soul including their emotional struggles and gifts.  She holds  a safe space for a child or youth to delve into their emotional pain or whatever is causing them to struggle.   Ellen is acutely aware of their sensitivities and holds  a compassionate, gentle, safe space where a child feels honoured and nurtured.  Ellen knows that every child or youth has innate knowledge and wisdom about his or her own heart -felt spiritual path as well as the actions and directions that he or she needs to take in his or her life.  She helps them to draw on their spiritual and emotional  wisdom and use that to self-heal.  

    “ I was bullied and felt different.   I have more confidence now.  You should have Ellen as your coach if you’re feeling unaccepted because she really helps you to boost your confidence.   As soon as I accepted myself and had confidence, others accepted me  ”- Jennifer,  age 11

    Ellen also works with parents and other family members to understand how and why their child or youth may be reflecting unresolved emotional pain in them as parents or in the family and provides support for parents to do their own healing.   Healing brings  transformation in attitudes and behaviours for the whole family.  Healing brings peace of mind and peace of heart, better emotional and physical health as well as personal freedom to be more of whom the child or family members came here to be.

     As a coach is she is also a motivator, advisor, connector and gentle taskmaster. She also coaches mentors of the children such as parents, educators and health professionals on how to support the children to manifest their unique gifts and to fulfill their full potential. 

    Coaching by Choice:  How Does A Child or Youth Know to Come for Coaching/Parental Support

    Ellen only coaches children and youth who make a conscious choice to come to her for support.   Children or youth know without ever having met Ellen in person whether she can help him or her.  He or she knows whether Ellen can help when he or she sees her picture and/or hears her name.

    Parents must also agree to be coached in post-session followups by Ellen as the child or youth’s behaviour often reflects unresolved issues in the family and without addressing these issues, transformation is slowed or cannot happen. 

    “The most important thing to me is knowing  that I can read, not with my outer eyes but with my inner eyes.  I am finding out about other gifts that I have that I will use to help others.   I can share my gifts with other children and I hope that they will share their unique gifts with me.  ”   – Juliana, age 9 

     “We would not have known of Juliana’s unique gifts if it weren’t for Ellen’s coaching.  She has assisted us in better understanding Juliana and giving us practical ideas of how to support her.”   – Claudia and Brian

    If your child or youth feels that Ellen can help him or her, and you as a parent or parents, intuitively feel the same way,  please contact Ellen at 604-947-0622 (country code Canada – 01), Pacific time or please use the contact form in the sidebar to the right.

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