Spirit of Children & Youth

Are you the parent of a child who has :

  •  learning and behavioral challenges in school
  • been diagnosed with a learning disorder or disorders
  • spiritual wisdom including psychic and intuitive gifts

Or  are you are a health professional, teacher, educator  or social worker and are concerned about the number of children and youth who are being placed on prescription drugs for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and depression.

More and more children are being diagnosed with conditions such as sensory hypersensitivity, Asperger’s syndrome, dyslexia and many others.  Perhaps you are looking for alternative understanding  and means for children and youth whether they have learning and behavioral challenges or not – to achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

In our current systems, we focus on the physical, mental and emotional well-being of children. The spiritual dimension of a child’s life is often largely left unidentified, unacknowledged and un-nurtured especially in the current education, health, social and family systems.

All of us including children and youth are multi-dimensional beings with multi-dimensional ways of learning and knowing. Multidimensional ways of knowing  on the spiritual spectrum include psychic and intuitive awareness, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience,  telepathy. and with that often comes gifts of healing, prophescy and an acute sensitivity to all energies including those in the physical, material world.

In ancient and tribal societies, spiritual wisdom including psychic, intuitive and healing abilities were both recognized and honoured.  Western culture through time has managed to deny and deliberately wipe out (“the burning of woman who were called witches”) and eliminate the knowledge, teaching and nurturance of all of these wonderful ways of being and of knowing.  The spiritual wisdom that has been denied for so long is now knocking at our doors via our children and youth.  I ask myself every day – will we listen with compassionate ears, will we pay attention to what they are saying?  Are there enough people whether a health professional or people with great awareness willing to dig under the surface of “disorders” and “diagnoses” to find out what is truly happening?

Pharmaceutical drugs can act as a bridge but they are not a solution to the deeper crisis of soul, spirit and psyche that we are facing as a civilization.    Children and youth are the foundation of and core of our civilization and there can be nothing more important than focusing on their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health and well-being.   It is important that children and youth go through the initiations for their age and life cycle.  That the completion of one part of their life cycle is honoured as is their rite of passage to another phase of their lives.   And it is loving and caring adults who must guide this.

I was a co-leader of a pilot leadership programme for youth called the Bowen Himalayan Youth Odyssey where youth ages 15-19 collectively raised all their own money to travel to India where they did a homestay in a traditional Tibetan village in Sikkim.   We went for a week long hike to Kachunjunga one of the sacred mountains in the Himalayas. Some of the youth had never been out of their own province and their own country before this trip.  A life changing, life transforming series of experiences for the youth?  You bet.  Youth need people other than their parents who care about them deeply and who will take them through both the divine feminine and the divine masculine initiations into adulthood.

We are here to help a child or youth delve more deeply into their emotions, including those places where they are wounded and to be facilitators of both the expression and the healing of their soul and spirit.   Life experiences that stretch him or her makes he or she more aware of self.   It gives her or him the tools to provide her or his own solutions for healing when the facilitators hold a gentle, loving, compassionate space.    The child or youth is then loving himself or herself at a deeper level, empowering himself or herself knowing he or she can heal and therefore change attitudes, behaviours and actions that are not serving his or her highest good. He or she then gains more confidence.   In addition, such a healing process gives him or her an awareness of what his or her unique spiritual gifts are.

In this century, the prospect for a sustainable civilization living in harmony with Mother Earth, healthy, whole well-balanced people expressing and creating vibrancy lies in embracing our unlimited spirits and souls individually and collectively.   The keys to such a future are in the spirits, souls, emotions and intellect of our young people.  Growing children and youth naturally and supporting them in their healing to become all of whom they are meant to be is the biggest and most worthwhile challenge of our time.   Do you have or know of a child or children or youth who need support in their journey to wholeness and to fulfill their full spiritual potential?   This website may provide you with a different perspective on how to truly support children and you. It may also provide you with resources and insights that you may not find in other places.    Please feel free to contact me with questions at 604-947-0622 (country code Canada (01))  or via e:mail:

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