Spirit Holding Land

Vision – Global Ecospiritual Educational Network 

A membership-based  eco-spiritual educational/real estate network comprised of:  

Phase 1:   

  1. 360 Ecospiritual Stewardship Centres around the world – Each ecospiritual centre has a theme  or themes that it specializes in eg.  NIA, yoga, silent retreats, conscious dying, conscious birth, spiritual cooking, ecospiritual architecture (sacred geometry, buildings and communities aligned cosmically with planets and stars), eco-spiritual forestry, bio-dynamic farming and building and learning centres for the development of psychic, intuitive and healing gifts for children and youth etc.

2.  At least 13 of them are co-ventures with indigenous peoples in support of indigenous peoples  sharing the spiritual teachings of indigenous cultures including sweat lodges, vision quests, sun dances, powwows, uipi ceremonies  as well as ceremonies and teachings from the Mayan, Hawaiian, Andean  tradition etc. with members of  the SHL Network

 Phase 2: 

Adjacent to 13 of  the Eco-spiritual Stewardship Centres are 13 Ecospiritual Community Developments based in fractional ownership

Purpose of the Spirit Holding Land Network:

1.  To help members of the Spirit Holding Land network deepen their spiritual journeys by offering spiritual and eco (green)  teaching and experiences

2.. To provide the world with role models of ecospiritual retreat centres, ecospiritual communities and  sustainability;  and to collectively steward and protect as many acres of wild land as possible as a legacy for all beings now and into the future

3. To provide the world with a new economic model  of business, tourism, ecospiritual consciousnessness and co-creative community living  based on eco- spiritual principles   

4.  Members of the Network will be encouraged to engage in community service projects in the communities where the SHL centres are located eg.  Volunteer in the local eye hospital and school in India, volunteer at a camp for developing youth leadership in Africa.   

Profits from the Network

A portion of profits from the network will go into community microfinancing in countries in which the centres are located.

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