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I love this video of passionate, energetic, enthusiastic Mayor Hazel – 88 year old mayor of the city of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada – mayor for 38 years…and still enthusiastically working  …in politics!!   Rick Mercer, the interviewer is also in his element.

Do you have complaints about your job, your life, your work that are causing you to stress out?  Would you like to shift this? 

Finding your life purpose and sacred vision and doing these is one of the keys.  This will open many facets of inner work that is still to be done.  “A Thousand Names for Joy:  Living in Harmony with the Way Things Are” by Byron Katie with Stephen Mitchell is tremendously useful.  Katie calls what she does “The Work” and it is tremendously useful for those at work to turn around one’s own thoughts, beliefs and complaints that are causing stress.

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