Spirit Unlimited/Divinely Inspired Leaders Coaching

  • Have you ever wondered what your life’s purpose is?
  • Do you want to discover your life purpose? 
  • Do you want to do work that is spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically fulfilling but  have not clarified what it is?
  • Do you have a vision of your spirit-inspired work but feel stuck in taking the steps to achieve it ?
  • Are you a practitioner, light worker, shaman  or healer and want to get your messages and services  out in a bigger way
  • Do you want to work with the spiritual gifts of children and youth?



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“Ellen was very adept at helping me to draw forth and identify my life purpose and vision in life, anchor it and identify achievable action steps. Ellen helped me to crystallize my own vision of providing animal healing and interspecies communication services to the world.  She helped me to bring specificity and action to previously vague ideas.  Ellen is encouraging, insightful, supportive and a compassionate coach (with a great sense of humour!).  She is also direct and candid in identifying, internal blocks to progress and improvement and helped me to breakthrough my blocks. 

My coaching sessions were highly valuable to my personal growth and transformation. If you are looking to move forward with your life’s purpose, achieve personal or business goals or you simply feel “stuck” in life I would highly recommend coaching sessions with Ellen!” – Pam F. 

Spirit Unlimited Coaching/Divinely Inspired Leaders Coaching

Ellen Hayakawa is on the leading edge of spiritual, personal and professional development in the  business world.  Coaching is based on the book, The Inspired Organization: Spirituality and Energy at Work.   Ellen Hayakawa’s Spirit Unlimited Coaching model is based on the philosophy that the client is inherently whole, resourceful and capable of finding their gifts and  answers inside to the challenges facing him or her.   The coach and the client come together in a co-creative process with Spirit to discover the client’s life purpose, values and inspired vision of  life and work and to ground it in practical ways through everyday action.   The coach also helps the client open to new possibilities, achieve clarity, break through stuck-points and access undiscovered creativity, abundance and intuitive abilities that will deepen the client’s spiritual relationship to their spirit-inspired vision of work and life.

Who uses Spirit Unlimited Coaching?  

Spirit Unlimited Coaching is in demand with successful executives, entrepreneurs, employees, small and medium-sized business owners, students, housewives  – anyone who wants to change directions and/or excel in life.    Clients are already successful in many areas of their lives and consciously want to align their spirituality with their business, work or life.


How Do You Achieve Success?

Together with your coach you explore what it is for you to have spiritual, mental, emotional

and physical fulfillment in your life and work.  All of these aspects of your life are equally

important.  Therefore your family, career, relationship, personal growth, recreation and

finances are interdependent and should be addressed as such.  Your coach supports you to

clarify and fulfill your inspired vision of work and to do it.

Your coach will also help you to find your gifts and talents and any blocks that prevent or have prevented you from achieving your life purpose and sacred spiritual vision of work and break through them. Thus you and your coach address your need to live the calling of Spirit – a whole, balanced, inspired and inspiring life.  You will put together practical steps with timelines that will rapidly accelerate achieving your sacred vision of work and success in your business and life.

 “Ellen was always available to give me practical guidance and support for my vision as I stepped into the unknown. The following are accomplishments that happened while Ellen was coaching me:

  • I landed my first corporate coaching client which unexpectedly expanded into 10 complex multi leveled organizational meetings which I co-created and facilitated.

  • Doubled my expected income and left the client satisfied with the outcome.

  • Landed my first contract with an organization supporting single mothers in creating work that they are passionate about.

  • Secured a 1 hour speaking engagement for an audience of over 50 people.

  • Booked the first labyrinth presentation for one of the largest employers in British Columbia.

  • Facilitated a spiritual retreat where I expanded my audience to include a whole new market.

I cannot thank Ellen  enough for her guidance through Spirit that had me expand my trust and faith that the universe is unfolding as it should. I am, with confidence, moving rapidly into areas where I can be of greater service to others as we all embrace the changes that we are experiencing in these times of  transition.”

Sally Hull – The Artemis Group


What does Ellen Hayakawa of Spirit Unlimited do as your Coach?

You have the answers inside of you.  Her role as a coach is to listen, ask questions, and helps you to find the truth and the inspired power that is inside of you.   She says, “As a spiritual personal and business coach, I am the catalyst for moving your life and work to the next level of success. Depending on what is called for in our coaching sessions, I will be motivator, advisor, connector and gentle taskmaster who keeps you on the track of fulfilling your life purpose and your sacred vision of life and business.”

Through coaching, Ellen helps me to focus and bring clarity to the important spiritual issues in my company.  Often we are so busy that we can’t see the forest because of the trees.  Ellen helps us break through those roadblocks and become the leaders we are meant to be.  Thank you for the very effective coaching. “>– Doug S, CEO of a mining company

Ellen also works with clients – coaching them on personal issues as in addition to work issues.   These coaching sessions much like the life purpose and sacred vision sessions focus on helping clients to hone their psychic and intuitive abilities to so that they achieve clarity, make decisions and co-create in Spirit, the rewarding lives with depth of experience and emotion that they are meant to lead.

“I am eternally grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Ellen.  Through her guidance and support, I was able to transition through very challenging personal changes and have accomplished an enormous amount of inner work. Ellen has an amazing ability to help me to find my own answers  so that I align my decisions with spirit . 

Through working with Ellen, I have learned a great deal about myself and become more clear about my purpose.  I eliminated inner clutter as well as unwanted material items and re-evaluated who and what I wanted in my life.  Through Ellen’s support, I confirmed my personal values and got to know myself much better.  My marriage is stronger than ever now and was likely saved because of Ellen’s coaching.  The resulting clarity and confidence in my personal vision and my ability to acheive it, is expressed in everything I do.   My path has been illuminated and Ellen has given me tools to ensure I have continued success.  Thank you!” – Krista B.


  What Spirit Unlimited and Ellen Hayakawa Asks Clients to Commit To

You commit to upholding the highest vision for your life in service to Spirit.

You are present.

You listen deeply to your inner self.

You find your own answers.

You listen with discernment to the information, opportunities and advice during the coaching sessions and follow your own inner guidance in all matters.

You use your own intuition to co-creatively guide the session with Ellen and to follow-up on coaching sessions with action.

You meet your own expectations and goals by putting in the energy and time to achieve these.

What Ellen Hayakawa  of Spirit Unlimited Promises Clients

She helps you to uphold your highest vision of your life.

She is present.

She listens.

She asks questions to help you find the answers that will help you to move through your blocks.

She helps you to be aware of the psychic and intuitive processes unique to you, whether that is for an individual or a team that enable you to find the answers inside of yourself or amongst your team members.

She uses her intuition to co-creatively guide the session with you.

She does this knowing that each client/(s) will receive exactly what he or she wants from their  sessions.


“Over the years I’ve been enrolled with many top notch coaches in many different coaching programs. Never had I paid so much money,  as I did for the Divinely Inspired Leaders Coaching Program with Ellen.     All I can say is that its been totally worth the investment in myself and my work.  

Coaching with Ellen has put me on what I can only describe as the accelerated spiritual that has manifested tremendous successes and results that I’ve never experienced before with any other coach in any other program.  Its hard to believe that I could have accomplished so much inner and outer.  In a short time period I took the vision that I created to having clients in my first program for the organization that I’ve created. And I made huge breakthroughs in my personal life.

Ellen as my coach and mentor holds the space for me and pushes me when needed to break through my fears and limiting beliefs.    I’ve accomplished far more than I ever dreamed was possible by using my intuition and psychic gifts.” – Ellen Tanner, Occupational Therapist


“Ellen is a visionary leader, mentor and coach for the 21 century.  As a mentor and coach, she challenges me to walk my truth, vision and reason-to-be.”
–  Dr. Jane Irvin,  Psychologist


The benefits in my life of Ellen’s coaching are  well worth my time and money!”

–         Ross M.— President, Nova Inc.


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