Spirit at Work

  • Do you know your life’s purpose?
  • Do you know the values most important to you and your work?
  • Do you have a sacred vision of your work?
  • Are you taking one step every day towards co-creating this sacred vision of work?

 These are the first steps in the journey of expressing your spirit at work.  If you work in a corporation, government or institution, you will be expressing your spirituality in the workplace.    In each of our heart’s there is a calling to express the gifts, talents and creativity that we have been come to the planet with.  And by doing  your purpose with your values and by doing what you are passionate about; you will discover gifts, talents and creativity that  at present, you don’t even know you have!!  

This section of my web-site provides including the blog below, provides resources for you to discover and do the passionate purpose and vision of work that you came here to do. 

Spirituality at Work Blog

  Co-Creating Your Sacred Vision of Work

1.   Start where you are and make plans (even if Spirit laughs and changes them!)

2. Knock on doors and find out who is receptive to your vision.

3. Connect with people who share similar interests and do similar work. They will both inspire and support you.

4. Connect with new people at work. Watch for the opportunities that come your way to support you to carry out your vision.

5. Work only with people who will support your vision and values and whose vision and values you can support.

6. Take some small action every day using your intuition.

7. Do what is called for. Expect that you will have to call on your faith because you will be treading on new ground.

8. Stay committed to your vision, no matter what tests and challenges come your way.

9. Ask for the information and support required to carry out your vision.

10. Act as a channel or a vehicle to unfold your vision and be unattached to the outcome.

11. Be thankful for the progress that you make, big or small.

12. Expect and celebrate the miracles and the success!

13. Show up every day. Walk into the unknown, having faith in your guidance, yourself, and Spirit. Expect to do things you have never done before. Do them in spite of your fear. Rejoice inuncovering more of your gifts and talents.

14. If your dream does not materialize it’s not a failure. It’s anexperience along the way preparing you for something far greater!

15. Have fun!

Please feel free to forward or print the above with this credit line intact. The above is copyrighted material from The Inspired Organization: Spirituality and Energy at Work.

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