I have had a lifelong interest in integrative -( mind, body, emotion, spirit) health.  As a result I have accumulated many resources and strategies for health and healing and wish to share these.

Here is what I consider to be groundbreaking work from a company in Alberta, Canada called Truehope.  These are nutritional supplements for children, youth, adults living with bipolar, depression, ADD, ADHD etc.  backed by scientific research. The story of the company is amazing – the CEO, Tony Stephan and his family taking a tragic history and turning it into support and service for others through divine guidance.  Everyone should know about this work and the supplements called Empowerplus.    I attach a youtube link from 2009 and there has been more research done since then. 


This is the first episode of a documentary that describes the journey of Tony Stephan and his partner, David Hardy.  David Hardy  formulated Empowerplus based on observations he had made about calming pigs with certain nutritional supplements.  This is a great story  of dedication, devotion, caring and compassion of these two men and the many others…..and you will find the rest of the documentary posted on youtube. 

The company’s website is  and I encourage you to look at the videos on the website and read the story of the development of this product. ( I by the way do not receive any renumeration for this)…..I just think that what they are doing is inspiring, life transforming for many people with brain differences and who maybe experiencing what mainstream medicine would call bipolar disorder, autism, asperger’s syndrome, depression, add, adhd.  This is not medical advice  and so should be done in consultation with a doctor. I understand that  the company can refer you to doctors who have worked with patients and the products.   If this helps you or your children and  youth.  Fantastic!!!  

In addition to finding solutions with nutritional supplements, I also as always encourage all children, youth and adults living with mental challenges and what mainstream health would call mental disorders and illness (I do not call them that as I believe that there are simply different ways that our brains work and different states of consciousness) to delve into their spiritual wisdom and psychic, intuitive and healing abilities as that is where you will find the solutions and healing….through divine guidance. 


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