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Behavioral Issues in Children- Impact of Past Lives/Reincarnation


If you’re a parent, educator or health professional  who wants to support the development of the full potential of your child  in this lifetime, you may also find yourself connected to  experiences of helping a child to complete on their past lifetimes.    When your child is exhibiting unexplained behaviours, it may be that it is because of unresolved past life experiences.  Past lives are not talked about for the most part in the mainstream and yet they can have a huge impact on a child’s behaviors in this lifetime.   

Although it has traditionally been thought that children most vividly remember their past lives from ages 3-5 and start losing this when they are 5-7,  I find in my own coaching practice that children are remembering their past lives are retaining their abilities to remember as well as see angels if spiritual matters are regularly discussed and their experiences acknowledged.   This may have to do with brainwaves that children and youth  have in this time of evolving and  accelerated consciousness.

Simply by completing in the past life, a child can bring all of his or her energy, soul and spirit into this lifetime in order to fulfill his or her full potential.

For example, many children have nightmares such as James Leininger (in the video below) above did night after night.   It was very challenging for his father, Bruce (because of the culture in which he grew up) to believe in past lives or reincarnation,  just as it would be to many parents. However at 3 years old, little James knew the pilots from his squadron in his past life. He knew that he flew a Corsair.   He was so  consistent with his stories and knew facts down to the detail.

James  told his Dad that the name of the boat his fighter jet took off from is Nitoma. He said that his name was James then as it is in this  lifetime.    Bruce  began doing research and found out that the boat was named the Nitoma.  And his friend’s name was Jack Laursen who was still alive and lived in Arkansas.

Then another day Bruce happened to be was flipping through a book about the battle of Iwo Jima when James said to his Dad that that was where his plane went down

There was only one pilot killed at Iwo Jima and that pilots name was James M. Huston

The reality was that James was not at peace with  his death in that past lifetime.   That was one of the reasons that he had nightmares. In his nightmares in this lifetime,  James was still engaged in the fear of getting out of his burning plane and in fighting to save his life in that past lifetime.    In a beautiful healing, a Japanese television station, hearing about James’ story offered to fly the family to Japan and to the site where James’ plane crashed.    James was able to see the site of his plane crash, lay flowers down in the sea and grieve.   He was able to complete on that lifetime and move onto the next.

There is much energy for healing such as this available right now for your children and for you to heal and complete.   I invite you to examine the evidence for the occurrence of past lives in children and their impacts on behavior to see where you might help your child complete on a past lifetime by asking them if they remember any of their past lives.  Simply by opening up the conversation, you may be able to help your child find what he or she need to complete and become  fully present in this lifetime.

I look forward to your comments below.  The more that we can make the aspect of children’s spiritual lives including past lives known, the more that we can provide the real support that they need to fulfill their full potential.     Please  share these videos and like my Facebook page

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Ellen Hayakawa is an author, speaker and coach of inspired leadership for children, youth and adults using their spiritual wisdom and spiritual gifts (including psychic, intuitive and healing abilities).

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