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Dear Woman – The Video

This is a healing video for women based on the Manifesto for Conscious Men. If you choose, it will help you to heal age old wounds from this lifetime and past lifetimes that are still embedded in the DNA of your body as a woman. Thank you to all the men who co-created it.  Every […]

Women’s Wisdom – Respecting the Cycles and Rhythms of Our Bodies

Connected to  a previous blog about expressing and doing your life purpose and sacred vision of work, if as women we do not learn to respect  and live in the beauty of our own creativity and our body cycles and rhythms that support us and our purpose and visions, we risk having health challenges like heart disease and […]

The Wisdom of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

The first gathering of the 13 indigenous Grandmothers was in 2004, based on vision and prophecy.  I remember hearing about the event  and being thankful that they had answered the call of Spirit.    I have been aware of their gatherings, work and presence in the world – and the very important role healing role they are playing.  I […]

A Woman’s Life Purpose and Sacred Vision of Work

I love to know what people are passionate about, what they love and what they love to do – their reason for being…..or in other words where their being meets their doing.   Are you being and doing the work you love?  What is your life purpose, what is your sacred vision of work? The Universe […]

The Women’s Wisdom/Spiritual Teachings

For many years I have known that there is a difference between the men and women’s spiritual teachings.   Unfortunately many of the women’s spiritual teachings and initiations have been forgotten or lost.  My woman friend studied with two male elders of two different cultures and traditions, the Quechua high in the Andes and the Kahuna of Hawaii.   Interestingly […]

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