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Behavioral Issues in Children- Impact of Past Lives/Reincarnation

  If you’re a parent, educator or health professional  who wants to support the development of the full potential of your child  in this lifetime, you may also find yourself connected to  experiences of helping a child to complete on their past lifetimes.    When your child is exhibiting unexplained behaviours, it may be that it is because of unresolved past […]

Autism and Communication

We all communicate in different ways and it really isn’t necessary to force anyone to communicate in the way that we believe that they should. Rather let us compassionately allow every child to communicate what’s inside of them in their own way.   The short clip at the bottom of the post illustrates what I’ve found in […]

Children’s Spiritual Wisdom – Sandyhook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut

A week ago today, a friend called me in tears as she had just heard about the shooting of children and adults at Sandyhook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. I also burst into tears when she told me the news.  We all feel broken-hearted for the children and adults who will not live their dreams and for the  families […]

Celebrating World Autism Awareness Day

Today is World Autism Awareness Day. I celebrate those children, youth and adults who live with autism. It is not an easy world for them to live in.  I thank them for showing us our limitations in awareness and beliefs. Having coached and mentored and trained children, youth, parents, grandparents, teachers, educators and health professionals […]

Solar Flares, Space Weather Storms and the Behavior of Children and Youth

Apparently the biggest space weather storm in 5  years is hurtling towards Earth and is expected to arrive tomorrow and last through Friday. Do you feel the shifts in your body, mind etc.  when we are being bombarded for example by solar flares?  I know that I do and so do many sensitive chidren and […]

Children’s Happiness is Connected to Support Outside of the Home

This study from the University of British Columbia  shows that children’s happiness is connected to their relationships with adults especially and peers and others outside of the home.   Children, youth, all of us are tribal/community beings at heart, soul and spirit.  We thrive in communities of like-minded, like-visioned people who can embrace all of us including our difference.  […]

Its Healthy for Children to Daydream

We live in a society that discourages children and youth from daydreaming. Have we ever asked ourselves why?    There are more negative connotations to daydreaming then there are positive. However the lastest scientific evidence shows something different.  It shows that it is in fact healthy for people of all ages to daydream or as University of […]

Meditation – A Useful and Powerful Spiritual Tool for Children and Youth

Meditation with all of its benefits has finally gone mainstream (see link below) . It is one of the most useful tools for achieving inner joy, peace and calm that a child, youth or adult can have in their toolbag. Meditation is simple and has no cost. It is perhaps the most powerful spiritual exercise […]

Children and Youth Who Have Difficulty Completing Projects

Children and youth who have been born by Caesarian section often have trouble completing on projects or instructions.  Some carry the feeling of not fitting in as a human being because they have not done the rite of passage as a human of coming through the birth canal. The rituals, ceremonies, sacredness and naturalness of birth has been […]

How Do You Know that God Exists?

A mother shared this story with me.  One day when her son was 4 years old he stood up and announced.  “Mom, in the sky there is a cloud and in that cloud is heaven and in heaven is God and Jesus and in God and Jesus is a heart and in that heart is everyone.”  […]

The Mayan Prophecy, The Prophecies of Isaiah and Christ

The Mayans have prophesied the arrival of children who would be born with all of the chakras awakenened and enlivened.  When I met with Elder Hunbatz Men in the land of the Maya, he shared with me that the prophecy of the arrival of the children is carved into the Mayan pyramids and is symbolized […]

The Capacity for Holding Light and Shadow

As a culture and as a society we need to acknowledge and be aware that life has the capacity for holding, both the light and perhaps even more importantly the shadow. When the shadow is not acknowledged it comes out to bite us. The capacity for joy and happiness can only be increased by embracing […]

Emotional Wounds and Healing

As humans, each of us has been emotionally wounded in some part of our lives or in our past lives.  The wounds are both the source of fear and suffering.   Inner (spiritual and emotional) work is the salve to  heal the emotional wounds.  We will not be able to prevent depression drug, alcohol abuse and suicide among young […]

The Gates of Heaven are Open- Will we listen, see, hear?

There were three profound moments in the expansion of my work : The first happened in 2000 while watching the video:  Through the Eyes of a Child by Drunvalo Melchizdek in which an 18 year old Mexican woman does psychic readings on photos handed to her by members of the audience. (see Resources and Links Section […]

Last Night I Saw An Angel, Last Night I Saw the Light

Last Night I Saw the Light, Last Night I Saw An Angel…… In 1994 on the night of my 35th birthday I had a mystical dream that signaled a profound reawakening of my consciousness and connection to Spirit.  In that dream, I dreamed that I was light.  I was both inside the Light and outside […]

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