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Autism and Communication

We all communicate in different ways and it really isn’t necessary to force anyone to communicate in the way that we believe that they should. Rather let us compassionately allow every child to communicate what’s inside of them in their own way.   The short clip at the bottom of the post illustrates what I’ve found in […]

Children’s Spiritual Wisdom – Sandyhook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut

A week ago today, a friend called me in tears as she had just heard about the shooting of children and adults at Sandyhook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. I also burst into tears when she told me the news.  We all feel broken-hearted for the children and adults who will not live their dreams and for the  families […]

Music was our food-Elder interviewed by Anthony Robbins

This is a beautiful interview about incredible optimism, joy, happiness and gratitude from a delightful 108 year old, Holocaust survivor who still practises piano 3 hours/day. Her teachings are wonderful.

A quantum leap

I have had a family of robins – growing up in the nest of a tree in my courtyard garden. Today they are gone. Over the last while, I would open the kitchen door in the morning and at dusk and and hear their excited cries for food when Mother lands on the nest. They […]

The Great Awakening -2012 -It is your time, choose love –

This is the time of the Great Awakening. It is your time. Choose love and peace for yourself, choose to do the purpose(s) and sacred visions for which you came to this planet and in doing so you will contribute to our growing collective energy field of peace and love.   Here is a fascinating and beautiful video, […]

Another Wakeup Call – The 2011 Earthquake in Japan

I send my prayers to the people and all beings in Japan in the midst of suffering and massive destruction. Japan is the land of my ancestors.  As the land of my ancestors, she called me home when it was time.  It was then in my 32nd year that I connected as as a third generation Canadian,  to her soil, her people, her sacred […]

Inspiration for the Day

Here’s a video of an inspiring young man  in the equivalent in China to “America’s Got Talent”  who has overcome challenges and has much to teach on all levels.

What Is Mother Earth Saying?

 It is crucial for us to understand and act upon the messages of Mother Earth, now.  Yes -Mother Earth is bleeding – the oil and gas are her lifeblood.  This catastrophe in the Gulf –  together with the message from the volcano in Iceland that shut down airspace  for so many days – meaning that oil and gas […]

The Teachings of Elders – Jan Furst

In addition to the “temporary forgetting” of the women’s teachings and initiations which I spoke of in my last post, we seem for the most part also to have forgotten to learn from our elders.  In my community here on Bowen Island – there is an elder who has taught me many things over the years.    […]

The Nobel Prize Laureates – Elinor Ostrom, Muhammed Yunus, Wangari Maathai, Barack Obama

Elinor Ostrom born in 1933 shared the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2009.     She is the first woman to have won the prize in economics.   Elinor Ostrom is  considered to be an expert in the field of common pool resources.  What are common pool resources?  These include such living, breathing resources as  forests, fisheries, oil fields.    Her […]

Belonging/Being at Home

I am a traveller.  I have travelled in the Canadian wilderness since I was 14 years old by canoe, skis, on foot and by kayak.  I have travelled around the world – by plane, boat, bus, water buffalo, camel, elephant and various other means.   I love to travel.   And today I sit at home on […]

I live on an island

I live on an island in the Salish Sea. It is a stunningly beautiful island, not only because of the island but because of the surrounding scenery – spectacular mountains some of them snow-capped even in summer and the glittering ocean – that changes from day to day.    The rhymes and rhythms of the sea and this […]

The Capacity for Holding Light and Shadow

As a culture and as a society we need to acknowledge and be aware that life has the capacity for holding, both the light and perhaps even more importantly the shadow. When the shadow is not acknowledged it comes out to bite us. The capacity for joy and happiness can only be increased by embracing […]

Spirituality and Global Peace

The mission I have –  of establishing global peace in my lifetime emerged through the question that I have asked myself since I was a young child of 7 or 8.  Who am I and what did I come here to do?   I grew up in the early 1960′ s in Toronto, Canada – a […]

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