The Workplace & Spirituality

The Workplace and Spirituality
“No longer mutually exclusive, isolated areas of our lives … reveals how our spirituality can enhance our workplace.”Marshall Goldsmith, PhD, New York Times and Wall Street Journal #1 best-selling author, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There
“An enlightening, uplifting, and inspiring portrait of how we can lead more authentic and fulfilling lives in our organizations…. Offers a refreshingly positive perspective and a more expansive view of what the workplace can become.”Jim Kouzes, PhD, best-selling coauthor, The Leadership Challenge
“Outstanding…. A must-read for any leader who must address today’s conscious stakeholders.”
Patricia Aburdene, PhD, author, Megatrends 2010:  The Rise of Conscious Capitalism
“A must-read for every president, CEO, manager, and all those who aspire to leadership. Will help every leader to meet difficult realities … and assist in reigniting the passion we all once felt in our careers.”Dr. Norman J. Cohen, author, Moses and the Journey to Leadership: Timeless Lessons of Effective Management

 Explore the benefits of workplace spirituality in making work more meaningful and rewarding. Even as the subject of spirituality in the workplace is gaining momentum, surveys show the number of workers satisfied with their jobs is decreasing. Based on many years of professional, practical experience, the contributors to this powerful anthology help you correct this drop in morale by showing you how to restore meaning and purpose to the workplace.

 Offering new perspectives for a spiritual approach to work, each of the contributors to this innovative resource is a business leader, teacher, speaker, or writer on the topic of workplace spirituality. They represent the United States, Canada, Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America. Together, they present a comprehensive understanding of what it means to be a “spiritual workplace” and what it takes to create one.

In today’s rapidly changing, challenging work environment, this is a resource no business leader, business management student, policymaker, or rising leader should be without.
Richard Barrett • Margaret Benefiel, PhD • Jerry Biberman, PhD • Kathy Lund Dean, PhD • Satinder Dhiman, EdD • Frederick T. Evers, PhD • Linda Ferguson, PhD • Charles J. Fornaciari, PhD • Kerry Hamilton, CPCC, ACC • Ellen Hayakawa • Tanis Helliwell, MEd • Craig E. Johnson, PhD • Dr. Richard King • Marjo Lips-Wiersma, PhD • Joan Marques, EdD • James F. McMichael, PhD • Jacqueline Miller • Julia Mossbridge, PhD • Judi Neal, PhD • Robert Rabbin • Birute Regine, EdD • Rev. Lucy Reid • Rabbi Dennis S. Ross • Lance Secretan, PhD
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