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Ellen Hayakawa (BSc., Dipl. Bus. Admin.) is the author of The Inspired Organization:  Spirituality and Energy at Work and coauthor of the Best Inspirational/Spiritual Book of the Year and Amazon Mind Body Spirit Bestseller:  Healing a Hurting World: Harnessing the Power of Intention to Change Your Life and Your Planet as well as The NGO Revolution:  Healing a Hurting World and The Workplace and Spirituality:  New Perspectives on Research and Practice (2009).

Ellen  is an pioneer and expert in leadership based on spiritual principles, spirit at work and  in the development of spiritual wisdom of children, youth and adults.    She’s on a mission to awaken and empower divinely inspired leadership worldwide in solopreneurs, mainstream business,   As a speaker she will electrify and inspire your audiences with her stories.

A former professional wildlife biologist, who used to hide out in bird blinds in the Arctic,  Ellen Hayakawa’s  mission is global peace in our lifetime.     She believes that global peace will come about through the application of spiritual wisdom in building new foundations for this world.  Through speaking, writing,  training,  coaching and mentoring  individuals, teams and organizations,  she supports the co-creation and development of divinely  inspired leaders and global peace.

Ellen had mystical appearances from birth onwards.  She reported seeing an angel to her family when she was 3 years old.  She always felt that  she was here for a purpose and at the age of 7 started on one of her visions of facilitating increasing consciousness about  our connection to Mother Earth.   She wrote poems about pollution – poking fun at our then state of consciousness:

“Pollution, pollution what is the solution?   Maybe a boat that will suck it all up, then do away with it in a disposable cup!”

On the night of her 35th birthday had an experience of the Light and of cosmic consciousness that tranformed her life and an experience that she still carries with her.   From that day forward she has consciously served God/Spirit in fulfilling the human tasks on Earth. While growing up and as an adult, she always used her intuition to guide her life and actions, they have since become stronger and stronger as she has practiced and used them even more consciously for the last 20  years.

In all aspects of her teaching – whether through keynote speaking, writing books, coaching individuals,  training  in corporations or workshops for children and youth or coaching Ellen teaches the timeless spiritual wisdom  in simple practical ways that clients can immediately and synchronistically apply to their lives and see results.  Her clients live the life they were meant to live, doing the divinely inspired  work that they were meant to do.   Ellen believes that when the majority of people on Earth are doing this – there will be global peace.

Ellen speaking about how global peace will happen at a peace event in Vancouver.

Peace Lantern Event In Vancouver

Contact Ellen at 604-947-0622 or please use the  contact form in the sidebar to the right.

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